Dagen McDowell was back on Hannity last night for the latest edition of #AskSean. One viewer wanted to know if Sean ever just tunes out the news and relaxes.

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He answered that he does, especially when he's playing tennis or hockey, and watching his kids play tennis. Dagen pressed him on whether he's one of those screaming dads at his kids' matches.

"I'm just the opposite. I wear a hat and glasses," he said, explaining that his daughter doesn't like to see him upset while she plays.

Speaking of hockey, Sean thinks the odds are "very high" that the U.S. men's team will take home the gold in Sochi.

Another viewer was wondering whether Sean might abandon his support for the GOP and become a Libertarian.

Sean criticized Republicans for being too "weak and timid" and failing to inspire Americans toward a different vision for the future. He explained, however, that he's got a few main problems that prevent him from aligning himself with that wing of conservatism.

Watch the clip above as the two also discuss Sean's hair, previous dating life and his favorite movie.

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Later in the show, Hannity talked to two of the "Miracle on Ice" stars from the 1980 Olympics. Check out that segment below.