What would you do if you encountered a child claiming he'd been kidnapped? A man named Yousef Erakat wanted to find out so he made a hidden camera video that's now been viewed more than 2.5 million times on his YouTube channel.

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In the video, Erakat plays the kidnapper, while a boy goes up to strangers and claims to have been abducted by Erakat.

Erakat said on Fox and Friends this morning that he undertook the experiment to show some real-life "superheroes" in action. But many of the responses left a lot to be desired.

"It was pretty shocking," he said, highlighting one man who was pretty easily convinced by Erakat that the kid had made up the whole story and then went along on his way.

"What you guys can't see is how creepy I looked in that scene with the glasses I was wearing and the beard. And I was wearing the same exact jacket that Nathan was describing to the man," said Erakat, noting that the man actually did a "double take" as he walked away, possibly reconsidering whether he'd made the right decision.

It wasn't all disheartening though. One woman on the tape even pepper-sprayed Erakat.

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"I actually thanked her, because if this was my kid - I don't even have children yet - but if this was my kid, she just saved a kid's life," he explained.

Watch the interview above, and check out the full viral video below.