Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is being sucker-punched by the left and right, as well as by the media.

Cruz Questions Clinton Aide's Actions After Benghazi Attack

Tonight, Sean Hannity went ‘On The Record’ to call out Sen. Cruz’s critics. “Here’s the interesting part to me,” Hannity told Greta Van Susteren, “[Cruz] is going to Iowa and he’s going to New Hampshire, and he’s going to get a rock star welcome.”

He said that should tell the establishment GOP something. “I think what these Republicans are missing here is there is real anger, antipathy at them because they are not offering, inspiring solutions.”

Does the Establishment GOP Want the IRS to Go After the Tea Party?

Hannity said the Republican Party can’t just run on defunding ObamaCare, they have to provide details. “What is their vision to fix it? How do we get people back to work?”

Hear what Hannity had to say about Jimmy Fallon taking over "The Tonight Show." Plus, check out the Fox News host's cameo appearance on "House of Cards."

Sean Hannity Answers Viewer Questions: Will He Run for Office?