There’s an incredible update to a story we brought you last week about a boy with Down syndrome, who nailed four three-pointers during a high school basketball game.

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Kevin Grow’s performance on the court caught the attention of the Philadelphia 76ers, who signed Grow to a ceremonial two-day contract with the team.

Tonight, Kevin will take part in pregame warm-ups with the Sixers and stand with the team during the national anthem.

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Before signing his contract, the first question Sixers coach Brett Brown asked was whether he could play defense and Grow assured him he could.

"I know you can shoot but you can play defense, too, I say we give him a three-day contract," Brown said.

Added Grow: "It's great to be here," he said.

During Tuesday's home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Grow and the Bensalem basketball team will take the court for a special presentation.

Brown echoed the feelings of many when addressing Grow before he signed his contract.

"Everybody is very proud of what you have done and what you have accomplished is sensational," Brown said. "You should be proud of yourself."

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Update, 730p ET: The Sixers tweeted out some behind-the-scenes photos of Kevin ahead of tonight's game. Check 'em out below!