Rick Leventhal brought us the latest developments from Sunbury, Pa., where a 19-year-old woman claimed to have been involved in at least 22 murders across the U.S. as part of a satanic cult.

Fuhrman: Craigslist Murder Doesn't Look Like Work of Serial Killer

O'Reilly Talks to Reporter Who Interviewed Self-Professed Serial Killer

Miranda Barbour made the claim in a shocking jailhouse interview with a local reporter, also confessing that she and her husband murdered a man that she met on Craigslist.

The FBI has joined the investigation after the body of 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara was discovered in an alley in Sunbury. Barbour says LaFerrara was stabbed and strangled after answering an ad for sex..

Leventhal talked to Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo, who said it took his investigators only three weeks to go from an unidentified body to making the arrests. Mazzeo is still waiting to interview Barbour about the additional murders.

Authorities are still waiting to hear specific details from Barbour to corroborate her story about the additional murders.

Watch the report above, including new video of Barbour being transferred for processing at the police station.