Secretary of State John Kerry made some controversial comments over the weekend about climate change, saying the issue now ranks right up there with terrorism as a global threat. The remark comes as President Obama and Democrats place climate change back on their agenda.

Hannity Calls Out Left for Blaming All Weather on Global Warming

If Congress does not act, some believe Obama will turn to more executive orders to take action on global warming.

Judge Andrew Napolitano sat down with Steve Doocy this morning, and called out Obama for golfing in California this weekend with King Abdullah II of Jordan after a speech in which he blamed climate change for the severe drought in the state.

"Do you believe that he played on a golf course that was saturated with water while the surrounding area doesn't have enough water with which to take showers?!" he asked.

Overall, Napolitano said that some executive orders are good and help enforce laws, but believes the president is violating the Constitution when he uses the orders to "frustrate Congress."

He questioned the legality of the president using executive actions to actually change laws, citing immigration and ObamaCare as two examples.

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