In the weeks since the so-called “Hillary Papers” hit media outlets, many on the left have been complaining that discussion of Bill Clinton’s affairs is sexist

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Those recently published papers included documents and personal diaries from Hillary Clinton’s late-friend Diane Blair.

Tonight on The Kelly File, Megyn Kelly spoke to a former President Clinton aide who claims he sexually harassed her. Her name came up in the Hillary Papers, when a then-little known journalist, Matt Drudge, wrote a report about Kathleen Willey.

Willey believes President Clinton’s misconduct is relevant to Hillary’s potential presidential run. “Hillary Clinton is the war on women, and I think she needs to be exposed for all of the terror campaigns that she raised against women who were in the wrong place at the wrong with her husband.”

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She charged that Hillary enables her husband’s bad behavior because she realizes he is powerful and wants to “ride on his coattails.”

“How can you be a champion of women’s rights and turn around and do what she’s done to women like me?” Willey said. 

Willey claims that at the time, her car was vandalized, her pets went missing and she was receiving strange phone calls.

When Kelly pressed Willey on her past admission that she faked a pregnancy with another man, Willey said, "I'm human; I made a mistake... but I'm not out ruining people. I'm not out terrorizing people... I'm not out trying to put women in jail the way Hillary is."

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