Last week on America's News HQ, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said it wasn't going to be long before his officers captured a wanted biker who allegedly taunted his department with a dangerous video. Alberto Rodriguez is believed to have posted the extreme video on his own Facebook page, taunting police with the caption "catch me if you can."

'Catch Me If You Can': Wanted Biker Taunts Cops With Extreme Video

Man Arrested Hours After Taunting Cops on Facebook

It eventually made its way into the hands of police.

Turns out, McManus was right. As Arthel Neville reported earlier, Rodriguez was taken into custody when he ran out of a house where authorities were investigating a stolen motorcycle.

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Here's what police announced on their Facebook page:

"Officers with the SAPD REACT Auto Theft Task Force followed a lead on a stolen motorcycle to a home in the 600 block of Karen Lane. Once there, they encountered Alberto Rodriguez, most recently seen posting a video titled "Catch Me If You Can..." On his Facebook page. The stolen motorcycle was recovered as well. Rodriguez faces his currently outstanding felony warrants, a misdemeanor assault warrant, a possibly charges in connection with the stolen motorcycle."

McManus spoke to Bill Hemmer again this afternoon, saying that Rodriguez's arrest was actually "coincidental." He explained that Rodriguez happened to bolt out of the back door as officers arrived at the house where they believed the stolen motorcycle was located.

Watch the interview above.