Today marks the five-year anniversary of President Obama signing the stimulus bill into law. Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer slammed the White House’s positive ‘spin’ on the recovery.

Debate: 'Stimulus Bill Was Created to Reward Democratic Donors'

White House staffer Dan Pfeiffer tweeted:

Krauthammer called Pfeiffer’s tweet out of touch given that the “overwhelming” sentiment in the country is that this is the weakest recovery since World War II.

“It’s basically a jobless recovery with millions of Americans leaving, aren’t even looking to get a job because they are so discouraged,” he said.

Instead of a stimulus package, Krauthammer said tax cuts and deregulation could have been more effective. “All this money is spent. FDR at least left behind the Hoover Dam. Ike left behind the Interstate Highway System. This thing, as predicted, has not left a trace in the sand.”