On Your World, Fox News contributor Juan Williams and political journalist Michelle Fields engaged in a heated debate over the stimulus package. Today marks five years since President Obama signed the nearly $800 billion dollar bill into law.

5 Years Since Stimulus: 'Maybe the Most Expensive Policy Mistake Ever'

The president once quipped that the shovel-ready projects were not as shovel-ready as they had planned. Now, the Obama administration is trying to put a positive spin on the stimulus bill, saying that it laid the groundwork for economic growth.

Fields said, “[Obama] promised all of these shovel-ready jobs, but there are no jobs. The American people are still struggling. We have 10 million people out of work right now. The unemployment rate for African Americans is over 12 percent and it’s over 20 percent for young Americans.”

Williams disagreed, saying that Congressional Budget Office numbers show that between 2009 and 2012 there was an increase in jobs. He also touted the benefits of tax cuts given to Americans during the Great Recession.

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Guest host Eric Bolling reminded viewers that the administration promised that the stimulus would lower unemployment to five percent.

Fields said, “It was never about creating jobs. It was about rewarding the Democratic Party donors and allies because that’s where the money went.”

Williams pointed out that Republican Congressman Paul Ryan voted for the bill and Mitt Romney thought more money needed to be included in it.

Fields argued that Americans are struggling to pay bills.

“That has nothing to do with the idea that if this money hadn’t been spent… things would be worse off,” Williams shot back. “When you engage in austerity without understanding the economy was near cratering, then you are being blind to historic reality.”

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