An asteroid the size of three football fields is expected to fly near the Earth tonight.

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Scientists say that the asteroid poses no threat of hitting our planet as it moves through the solar system at a speed of 27,000 miles per hour.

Last February, an unexpected asteroid hit Russia, causing damage to hundreds of buildings and injuring more than a thousand people. That asteroid was about 65 feet wide, compared to the 900-foot wide asteroid flying by tonight.

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According to experts, asteroids strike the Earth with almost no warning. In 1908, the Tunguska event in Russia flattened about 80 million trees.

Astronomers say the key is to discover these threats before they happen. NASA is recruiting astronomers around the world to join in the hunt. So far, about 11,000 objects have been identified – about 900 of which are about one kilometer diameter.

NASA is looking into ways to capture and redirect asteroids by using the gravity of a spacecraft.