There’s more fallout after the conservative website “Washington Free Beacon” published documents casting Hillary Clinton in a negative light.

“The Hillary Papers” as they have been dubbed, provide insight into Clinton’s three decades in public life. They include excerpts from her close friend Diane Blair’s personal diary and her reaction to her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Ellison Barber, a writer for the Washington Free Beacon, said the Clinton Foundation is now keeping a tight leash on papers from Bill Clinton’s tenure as the governor of Arkansas.

Tonight on The Kelly File, former special counsel to President Clinton, Lanny Davis, challenged Barber over what he called “personal attacks” on the Clintons by the website.

He lashed out at “Clinton haters” for holding Mrs. Clinton responsible for what her husband’s affair.

Megyn Kelly asked, “Is it not relevant if Hillary Clinton understood those things [about Bill], and attacked then his accusers, and came up with ways to discredit his accusers based on solely political motivation?”

Davis said most Americans have moved on from the affair and accepted the former president’s apology.

Barber vehemently disagreed that bringing up the issue is sexist.

“I do think it goes to elements of character,” she said. “It also goes to the situation you have with Senator Bob Packwood, where according to Blair’s papers, [Clinton] called the women who had accused him of sexual assault 'whiny' women because they were messing up the potential for her to pass health care.”

Davis shot back at Baber, saying, “This is supposed to be a reporter who reports facts rather than an ideologue, and what I’m hearing is ideology and bias.”

Barber called Davis out for personally attacking her instead of debating whether these women’s issues still matter today.