Fox and Friends brought us an alarming story this morning out of Indianapolis, where four children were hospitalized with suspected drug overdoses after attending an unlicensed daycare facility.

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Stephanie Gribble, 37, was arrested last week and faces preliminary charges of neglecting a dependent, the Indianapolis Star reported.

Authorities also moved to shut down the daycare facility, located at Gribble's home. Gribble had reportedly been cited multiple times since 2008 for operating unlicensed daycare centers at other locations.

It's not yet known how the children came into contact with the drugs, or what the specific substance was.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck discussed the case this morning with clinical psychologist Dr. Lindsay Heller, who provided some guidelines for parents on choosing a daycare.

She pointed out that even after you select a daycare center that you feel comfortable with, it's always a good idea to drop by in the middle of a random day to check out what's going on.

Watch the discussion above.