A 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman, accused of killing a man she met through Craigslist, claimed that she also took part in at least 22 other murders as part of a cult.

Woman Admits to Craigslist Killing, Claims She Murdered At Least 22 Others

In a jailhouse interview with the Daily Item, Miranda Barbour confessed that she and her 22-year-old husband, Elytte Barbour, murdered Troy LaFerrara, 42, last November. She said she lured LaFerrara with a Craigslist ad offering sex for $100 on the couple’s three-week wedding anniversary.

Barbour claims that she stopped counting her murders at 22, saying she can "pinpoint on a map" more victims in Alaska, Texas, California and North Carolina.

Bill Hemmer discussed the shocking claims with former LAPD homicide detective Mark Fuhrman, who said Barbour will have to make investigators "believers" at this point. Fuhrman said she'll have to provide specific details that corroborate her claims, but right now he has some doubts.

LaFerrara was stabbed by Barbour 20 times as her husband strapped a cord around his neck. Fuhrman noted that the "sloppy" method of killing is not something you'd normally see in the case of an accused serial killer.

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"It isn't the work of a serial killer. Serial killers are organized offenders. This is just a disorganized robbery gone bad. It almost sounds like she's trying to make herself into something that she's not," said Fuhrman, who concluded by pointing out that here have been several cases in recent years where authorities were led on "wild goose chases" by suspects making unsubstantiated claims about additional murders.

Watch his analysis in the video above.