The Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark is receiving a firestorm of backlash for killing a healthy, two-year-old giraffe and feeding it to lions.

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The giraffe, Marius, was killed last week using a bolt pistol, then skinned and fed to lions in front of visitors, including children. Officials defended the move, saying they killed the giraffe to prevent inbreeding and that the public feeding was meant to educate people about animals.

On last night’s ‘Justice,’ Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed the zoo for slaughtering the giraffe. 

She also spoke to renowned animal expert and zoologist Jack Hanna, who shared her outrage.

“I cannot get over what happened. It’s beyond abominable. It’s beyond anything I’ve ever heard in the animal world,” he said. “In the zoological world… our duty is to take an animal from birth to death and show that animal the best we can as far as where he lives in our zoological park… and educate people about what they’ll never see.”

Watch Judge Jeanine's statement above and read her remarks below.

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Everyone who knows me knows I’m an animal lover. In my stable: dogs, birds, pigs. My pig Wilbur lived to the ripe old age of 19.

As the district attorney, I prosecuted animal cruelty with a vengeance, and crusaded to change laws to both protect animals, and punish their abusers.

So I was seething when I heard about what a Denmark zoo did to a young giraffe this week. 

Imagine an almost two-year-old healthy, beautiful giraffe having his favorite breakfast of rye bread. Then taken down, legs strapped to bolts in the floor, shot in the head, dissected, sawed, quartered, skinned, and offered up to lions who continued to tear him apart as the crowd – including small children – watched in horror.

You may ask was the giraffe diseased?  Genetically inferior?  Might he have been a danger to other animals?  Could the zoo not afford to keep him?

The answer to each question - no.

The zoo's reason for slaughter quote,"His genes were well represented in the zoo population."

Yet adoption offers poured in from other zoos around the world.  One in the UK with a state of the art giraffe house. Money offers as high as $600K dollars from animal lovers willing to take him.

The zoo's response?  "There might be some inbreeding in another zoo."

Inbreeding?  I don't know what you guys are studying over there, but there's a little known procedure called spaying, neutering.  We do it all the time. 

The zoo also said that the giraffe would be taking up space for more genetically valuable giraffes. 

So then why did you breed this giraffe in the first place? 

But it gets even better, folks.  After worldwide outrage, the spokesman for the Denmark zoo says:

"I'm actually proud because we've given a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe, and we're here to educate people.  And that's a good way to show people what a giraffe looks like. And the children in the audience were fascinated."

Fascinated? I have an idea. Why not just slap a picture of a giraffe up on the wall, or let them look at a live giraffe walk around.

And what are you proud of?  How brutal you can be to an innocent an animal? How an innocent animal can be overcome by your brute force.

The truth?  These kids are going to suffer trauma and flashbacks for the rest of their lives. 

If kids want to learn anatomy, they can go to medical school or become a butcher when they grow up. They didn't need to see a magnificent animal massacred. 

As for me and many in my own generation, decades later we are still traumatized after watching Bambi's mother shot in a cartoon. 

And don't give me any of your circle of life BS.

A little known fact from a woman who has been in law enforcement for 30 years – every serial murderer I know of started out by torturing and killing animals. Let's hope the kids who witnessed the killing of an innocent giraffe in that Copenhagen zoo stay in Denmark.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!