A military daughter received the Valentine’s Day present of a lifetime when her Navy dad surprised her at school.

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Delainey Smith was showcasing a cheerleading routine with her Central High School team when she suddenly dropped to the floor. Delainey’s dad, Fire Controlman William Smith, was unexpectedly standing in front of her, holding pink roses.

Kenosha News reports that FC Smith, serving aboard the USS Nimitz, returned in late December, but the family could not afford the fare for his flight back to Wisconsin.

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That’s when Delainey’s parents, cheerleading coach and most recently, her best friend Alyssa Rudis, decided they would plan a homecoming surprise for her.

Rudis said, “Today, in French class, we were talking about Valentine’s Day, and she said she wished her dad would just come home.”

Watch the reunion in the clip above!

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