A student was suspended for defending his sister after the school refused to intervene in bullying complaints, according to the teens’ family.  

Florida Student Suspended After Stopping Bully's Attack

Dominic Conti, 17, is a senior and class president at Westlake High School in California. His younger sister, 14, was allegedly the victim of repeated verbal sexual harassment by a freshman football player at the school.

Conti, his father and a school security guard confronted the player about the harassment at a football game.  That’s when the player lunged at him and they engaged in a fight, according to Conti.

He was suspended for five days, while the football player was given a two-day suspension. Conti, who has a 4.4 GPA, was also stripped of his class president title and banned from extracurricular activities.

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The family is now threatening to file a lawsuit against the school. They claim that several complaints to school administrators, prior to the confrontation, went unanswered.

However, an independent witness at the game disputes the Conti family’s version of events. The witness alleges that the father and son attacked the football player first.

The football player and the Conti family have both filed restraining orders against each other.  

Watch the legal debate from Fox and Friends Weekend in the clip above. 

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