In a Fox News special, “A Bush Family Album,” family members and friends take a look back at the life of President George Herbert Walker Bush.

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The 41st president of the United States, now age 89, began his military career as the youngest Navy pilot in 1492.

In the clip above, take a look pictures from private family photo albums and hear intimate stories from the family. Plus, hear from President Bush, himself, when he joined wife, Barbara, for an interview.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush credits his mother, Dorothy, for raising him to be a humble man. “She decided to tell me one day, ‘I think George Bush is the greatest president I knew, and I knew a lot, but he had one fault: he never took credit.’”

George W. Bush, the eldest of their five children and 43rd president, reflected on his childhood, his father’s relationship with Ronald Reagan and two presidential campaigns.

SLIDESHOW: Fox News Presents 'A Bush Family Album'

George and Barbara believe that if he had been elected for a second term, it would have made it impossible for their sons to run for public office. George W. Bush said, “His pain, the pain of loss, made it possible for us to run for public service, which I have found to be one of the great ironies of my life.”

Check out these clips from "A Bush Family Album," and watch the entire special when it re-airs this Sunday at 9p ET on Fox News Channel!