Barbie is stirring up controversy after appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s 50th anniversary swimsuit edition.

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The magazine crafted a promo campaign around the iconic doll, using the hashtag #unapologetic on Twitter to create buzz for the 2014 issue.

Some critics say Barbie and the magazine send a bad message to young girls about body image. Other critics also blast Sports Illustrated for using a child’s play toy on the cover.

This morning on Fox and Friends Weekend, former model and director of the documentary “Cover Girl Culture,” Nicole Clark said she was shocked to see the issue. “Having Barbie, a little girl’s toy on the front cover, only serves to further the sexualization of girls [and] further the objectification of women.”

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She said this is proof that Mattel, the company that makes Barbie dolls, does not care about children and the influence that this also has on how young boys view women.

Joanne Nosuchinsky, Miss New York 2013, disagreed, calling the critics' argument “ridiculous.”

“It’s a child’s toy… she’s plastic, she’s not real. So let’s not keep associating Barbie as then objectifying women,” Nosuchinsky said.  

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