If you want to find love, buy a plane ticket. According to a surprising travel survey, 13 percent of people say they met their significant other at an airport or on a plane.

In that spirit, United Airlines asked couples to share their stories of "love in the air," with the winner getting two round-trip BusinessFirst tickets. One of those couples talked to Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning, explaining how a simple seat switch changed their lives forever.

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Peggy Torrens was set to fly to Phoenix from Chicago in Nov. 2011, when she decided in the morning to buy a $39 upgrade to economy class. Little did she know, her future husband, Ted, had also changed his seat that morning.

The rest is history.

"We immediately started talking at the gate and we literally did not stop until we heard that we were 30 miles outside of Phoenix," she recalled.

The takeaway for Ted? Things happen for a reason.

Watch the Valentine's Day love story above, including a surprise from a United Airlines representative who was live on the set of Fox and Friends.

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