President Barack Obama has drawn substantial criticism for taking executive power too far, but is he doing anything that former President George W. Bush didn't do?

Judge Michael Mukasey, former U.S. attorney general under President George W. Bush, says he is. 

Mukasey pointed out to Megyn Kelly that it was a mere two days into President Obama's first term when he started signing executive orders. "It was quite obvious that he wanted to do things that would never get past Congress, and from day — it wasn't day one, it was actually day two — when he started signing executive orders closing Gitmo, eliminating the CIA interrogation program, it was obvious that he was going to do this will you, nil you," said Mukasey. "He has proceeded along that road."

When asked by Megyn Kelly whether President George W. Bush ever made executive orders or actions for political reasons, Mukasey said, "Not in my experience."

Mukasey went on to discuss the criticism George W. Bush did receive for his executive orders in the wake of 9/11, where, Mukasey said, "he was acting based on what he regarded as his Constitutional authority and responsibility." 

"He never tried to disregard a statute, apply only the parts that he wanted and not the parts he didn't."

But is Obama's use of executive orders truly atypical, and not just the way the system works?

"That's not how it works when somebody takes the oath he took seriously," Mukasey said.