According to a new 11-year study out of the United Kingdom, there is no evidence that cell phone use causes brain cancer. The findings also dispute that there's any link between childhood leukemia and exposure to power lines.

On Real Story this afternoon, Martha MacCallum discussed the new study with FBN's David Asman, comedian Ray Ellin and Michael Kay, former adviser to the UK Defense Ministry.

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Martha pointed out that the government study was funded in part by the telecommunications industry, which Kay called "fishy." He said no study is going to convince him that there's no potential harm related to long-term cell phone use.

"I had my realization moment with mobile phones when I was working in the intelligence communities in Baghdad and we were prowling after al Qaeda insurgents. They used to give us all these briefs on just how powerful smart phones are in terms of transmitters - they've got cellular, they've got WiFi, they've got a GPS onboard. And this is the primary trigger action that we use to hunt the terrorists. So there's no study out there that will persuade me that putting a cell phone next to your head for any long amount of time is a good thing," said Kay.

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