We'll continue in the Olympic spirit tomorrow on Fox and Friends, hearing the incredible story of how boxer Claressa Shields went from humble upbringings all the way to making U.S. Olympic history.

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There is every reason to follow your dreams. But, there may not be every opportunity. So, when one comes along -- GRAB IT.  That’s the takeaway from spending even 30 seconds in the company of an Olympic champion named Claressa Shields. Just 18 years old with a conviction so deep you’d think she had been on this earth competing for decades

Like any other teenager, I texted her. She’s studying in college, training several hours a day and trying to date. I say "trying" because her coach wants her to focus on the ring. He doesn’t have to worry. She’s solely serious about winning. Um, but she admits boys notice her, LOL!

Whenever Ressa, as her friends call her, leaves Olivet College she travels home about 90 minutes to just outside Flint, Michigan. And, it’s a tough city. The economy is stagnant and has been for a very long time. Not a lot for dreamers to do in Flint. But, you’ll never convince Ressa of that.   

Her childhood was not what you would hope for anyone. Her home life was unstable and at times unsafe for a little one. But, she made it out of that deteriorating urban landscape and became an American who’s garnered respect and a fan following all over the world. That’s because in August 2012 Ressa became the first American woman to win a boxing gold medal at the London Olympics. She won the middleweight title by defeating Russian boxer Nadezda Torlopova 19-12.

With the Winter Olympics underway in Sochi, Russia right now, it’s a great time to check in with one of our champions who just might bring home the gold again in Rio a few years from now!

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