A “Special Report” panel tonight discussed Fox polls on ObamaCare and the way in which Democrats are distancing themselves from the Obama administration because of the health care law.

According to one poll, 64 percent said Congress would not have passed ObamaCare if we knew in 2009 what we know today. In another poll, 25 percent of respondents said their families are worse off under the new health care law.

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“People are beginning to feel the effect on them,” Charles Krauthammer said. “This is something that hits everybody right where they live. Health care, unlike any other issue, is one that is a very intimate subject in your life and one that affects everyone equally.”

Krauthammer continued, “If you get 25 percent of the population saying they are worse off, what you’re doing is you’re throwing a dart at a map of the United States and everywhere, you get a quarter of the population who have been personally hurt.” Krauthammer said being personally hurt affects people’s votes a lot more, which is why the Democrats are so scared.

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“People are losing their insurance, they are losing their doctors, they are losing their hospitals,” he said.

Watch the panel discussion above.