The FBI is issuing new warnings about online dating scams right before Valentine's Day. Criminals will troll dating websites for months looking for lonely and vulnerable victims hoping to make fast cash or steal their identities, according to the FBI.

How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe Online

Security expert David Kennedy warned on Happening Now that once criminals gain their victim's trust, they usually ask for a loan or hack into their online accounts.

"They will give you things to download and they can actually take control of your computer," explained Kennedy. "They'll listen to your microphone, watch your camera, take your information off your computer like online banking. It's a really mischievous type of scam that's going on right now, one that the FBI is really concerned about because they're seeing a large number of them happening."

So how do you protect yourself? Kennedy suggests to be extra cautious when meeting new people online and be wary of how much personal information you give out.