Police in San Antonio are on the hunt for a motorcyclist who taunted the department in a video posted to Facebook. Authorities say Alberto Rodriguez is the biker who was filmed weaving through rush-hour traffic on I-35 at speeds of over 100 mph.

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He posted the video to his Facebook page along with the caption "catch me if you can," and it has now made its way to police. The video was reportedly shared thousands of times since it was posted last May.

Rodriguez already has three warrants out for his arrest, including an assault charge.

Bill Hemmer got the latest this afternoon from San Antonio Police Chief William McManus, who said it's going to be very difficult at this point for Rodriguez to evade capture.

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"We have a lot of information on him. I would predict it won't be long until we have him in custody. ... We have a bunch of detectives and officers out there looking for him. It's going to be hard for him to stay off the grid," said McMcanus, calling the video "probably one of the most insanely dangerous things" he's ever seen.

Anyone with information should call San Antonio police.