Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) joined Greta Van Susteren and went “On The Record” about the lawsuit he has filed against the NSA.

“The question is whether a single warrant can apply to millions of Americans,” he said. “We think that this is a general warrant and the Fourth Amendment says a warrant has to have your name on it, it has to be individualized to the person and the place.”

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Paul said warrants need to have suspicion. He referenced a warrant given to Verizon for all of their phone calls, saying he believes that’s not specific and goes against the Fourth Amendment. “We want to get all the way to the Supreme Court and in an open court decide whether this is constitutional,” he said.

Paul said he’s not against the NSA or police getting warrants. “If there’s a murderer or a rapist running around in Washington, D.C., by all means let’s get a warrant and go in the house, capture them or get their records – same way with terrorists. But let’s go ahead and name them and then let’s – if we want to look at the phone calls they’ve been making, let’s name those people, and I’m not so concerned about how far out and how many hops you go out as I am that it be individualized and that there be suspicion.”

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Paul also said, “You can’t have truth unless you have an adversarial process.”

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