Attention NFL: this Sacramento police officer may be worth a tryout after this takedown of a suspect who was trying to get away on a stolen bicycle.

VIDEO: Michigan Police Officer Chases Suspect Off 25-Foot Bridge

'Mama Bear Was Awoken': Cop Describes Chasing Suspects After Being Shot

The suspect, 19-year-old Michael Kennedy, had fled from authorities at a nearby rail station so cops set up a perimeter in the area and a helicopter was deployed, CBS Sacramento reported.

Cops were going yard to yard when Kennedy hopped the fence of a home, grabbed a bike from someone's porch and took off.

Unfortunately he sped right toward a camera crew that was on the scene and a police officer, who made one heck of a tackle. The officer suffered a cut on his face in the collision.

A bystander also jumped in to help the officer keep Kennedy on the ground until more help arrived. Kennedy faces charges of fleeing from police, burglary and felony assault on a police officer.

Watch the takedown and the ensuing struggle in the clip above from America's Newsroom.