Bill O’Reilly says America’s left is upping its anti-capitalist rhetoric.

While O’Reilly says there must be oversight on banks and businesses, he says many on the left want to dismantle the corporate system.

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“President Obama has not been a friend to corporate America. He advocates high taxes to pay for an entitlement culture,” O’Reilly says. As a result, businesses have hoarded profits or kept them overseas where they can’t be taxed.

“It’s hard to believe, but the far left does believe that the government can provide well-paying jobs on a mass scale. It cannot, and every country that has tried that has failed," he says.

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It is believed that Hillary Clinton will be the 2016 Democratic candidate for president, but some on the far left say she’s too moderate. O’Reilly says that Clinton “must fight zealotry on her left,” but that she will get the nomination and run as a moderate Democrat, promising to reform some of Obama’s policies.

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