Her Christian song was nominated for a Best Song Oscar, but then the Academy suddenly rescinded the nomination. Joni Eareckson Tada spoke out Monday night on The Kelly File after the highly publicized decision.

Oscar Nomination Rescinded for Low-Budget, Faith-Based Film

Tada said she's not sure whether "Alone Yet Not Alone" being a low-budget, faith-based film played into the decision to rescind the nomination. The Academy defended their action by saying that the song's creator, Bruce Broughton, had improperly emailed 70 fellow Academy members to ask them to listen to the song.

Broughton and supporters said the email was a routine way to draw attention to the song, while critics quickly questioned whether faith-based bigotry was a factor.

“I can't really say that the nomination was rescinded because of anti-Christian bias, but it would not surprise me. Hollywood – I don't know- they look at low budget, limited release, small Christian productions and perhaps they feel that they should not be privileged to be elevated to the global stage of the Oscars," said Tada.

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