Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) tonight responded to comments made by North Carolina NAACP President Rev. William Barber.

“A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” Barber said. “The extreme right-wing down here finds a black guy to be senator and claims he’s the first black senator since Reconstruction, and then he goes to Washington, D.C., and articulates the agenda of the tea party.”

David Webb Confronts NAACP’s Barber Over ‘Ventriloquist Dummy’ Remarks

“My focus has always been on the opportunities that this country has afforded me,” Scott told Hannity tonight. “The fact of the matter is that I’ve been given the privilege of living the American Dream because of hard work, a strong momma who believed in my future more than I did at times, and yet we have this problem that seems to be rampant in so many communities – black ones, white ones, Hispanic ones – throughout the nation, we have kids trapped in deplorable positions and places…”

Scott also responded to marchers who told David Webb that the tea party is racist.

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“The great diversity of the conservative movement doesn’t know a color,” Scott said. “What we know are principles that have guided this country for [almost 238] years now.”

Watch his full interview above.