A recent CBO report said that Americans receiving free health care will have less incentive to work.

“So, if they are in a job they don’t like, they don’t have to keep the job and can live off entitlements and/or the underground economy,” Bill O’Reilly said in tonight’s Talking Points.

‘Adding Another Year Doesn’t Change Anything’: Krauthammer on ObamaCare Mandate Delay

O’Reilly said the Democratic spin is that Americans now have the freedom to pursue their passions.

“The problem is that you and I, working Americans, will have to pay for that passion … is that fair?” O’Reilly asked.

Krauthammer on New ObamaCare Delay: 'It's Like the Law Is a Blackboard'

O’Reilly said he has no problem paying for safety net entitlements and gives a lot of money to the poor. “But now, I’m being asked to pay for someone’s passion by supporting their health insurance,” he said.

“The Factor” host said the Democratic Party is now aiming to support people rather than providing opportunities for Americans to support themselves.

Charles Krauthammer spoke to O'Reilly about the latest ObamaCare mandate delay. Hear what he had to say in the video below.