A nonprofit has installed two vending machines in Vancouver that sell crack pipes for 25 cents, arguing that the pipes are less likely to chip and cut users’ mouths, thus curbing the spread of HIV and AIDS.

Portland Hotel Society manager Mark Townsend said the nonprofit tries to find cost-effective ways to deal with addiction. He said the group noticed that crack users were experiencing a shortage of pipes and were sharing them or fighting over them.

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“We thought this would be a good way of getting clean pipes out in a cost-effective way to users that need them,” Townsend said of the vending machines.

Hannity argued that they should not facilitate crack use by making the clean pipes available. “So why don’t you just give them the drugs too, then?" he asked.

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Townsend said he would give addicts pharmaceutical alternatives because he argued it’s cheaper and “more common sense.”

Hear their fiery debate above.