Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer tonight discussed the War on Drugs.

In Vancouver, a nonprofit has installed vending machines where drug users can get crack pipes for 25 cents. Other countries have needle exchange programs as well.

Is America Going to Pot?

Krauthammer said these moves may look like acts of compassion, but that hard drugs kill people. He said there are a lot of negative aspects of the War on Drugs but that “nonetheless it keeps the number of people who suffer lower than it ordinarily would be.

According to Krauthammer, people who believe that legalizing and regulating hard drugs will cause less harm are “living on the moon.”

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“If you have stores for heroin, stores for crack, stores for, you know, psychoactive hallucinogenic drugs which can alter your life for life, especially if you’re a teenager, you know that’s gonna increase the use and it will increase the use inevitably in young people,” he said. “There’s simply no getting around that.”

Watch their full discussion above.