We heard some harsh words last night from Charles Krauthammer after the Obama administration announced yet another change in how they will implement the Affordable Care Act, further delaying the employer mandate into 2016.

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The administration had already faced criticism for pushing back the employer mandate until 2015, after the critical midterm elections.

Krauthammer once again expressed his amazement (video above) at how many times the law is being changed without the approval of Congress.

"This is stuff that you do in a banana republic. It's as if the law is simply a blackboard on which Obama writes any number he wants, any delay he wants, any provision. ... And it's changing the law in a way that you are not allowed to do," he said.

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More reaction this morning from The Five's Bob Beckel and Andrea Tantaros, who discussed the latest development on the new law. Beckel said that Krauthammer's "banana republic" comment "makes for a nice soundbite." But he argued that the law is so large and so complex, that it has to be changed along the way.

He called out Republicans for continuing to criticize ObamaCare without offering "any alternatives worth a damn."

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Tantaros believes the law is failing to live up to the promise of making sure more people have affordable coverage.

"This law only makes more people uninsured. It does the opposite of the intended effect, Bob. It does. Republicans aren't against it because of political reasons. We're against it because it's just a bad law," she said.

Watch this morning's segment in the clip below and check out more spirited debate between Andrea and Bob on The Five, today at 5p ET.