A Washington, D.C. man is facing a large fine and possible jail time after he was arrested for having an inoperable shotgun shell in his home. The shell was a souvenir that Mark Witaschek decided to keep from a hunting trip years earlier.

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Witaschek, a businessman with no criminal record, is scheduled to appear at a hearing today following the raid by police in July 2012. On Fox and Friends this morning, Witaschek explained that the raid came a month after his estranged wife accused him of threatening her with a gun.

Police reportedly used a battering ram on the bathroom door, where his teenage son was in the shower. He said that he and his then-girlfriend were handcuffed and his children were herded into a separate room while the cops ransacked his house, eventually discovering the shell, a legal gun holster and a box of antique bullets for a muzzle-loading rifle.

He explained that he didn't keep any firearms at his home in D.C., which is known for its strict gun control laws, instead keeping them at his sister's house in Virginia.

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Witaschek said there have been seven court hearings set since his arrest that summer, and he's still waiting to hear the government's justification for the raid.

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