A “Special Report” panel tonight took on the newest ObamaCare delay. President Obama has decided to delay the mandate for small businesses with 50-99 employees, pushing it back until 2016.

This is the 27th delay for ObamaCare. The Small Business Administration says it could affect 7.9 million people.

Krauthammer on New ObamaCare Delay: 'It's Like the Law Is a Blackboard'

Weekly Standard writer Steve Hayes, USA Today columnist Kirsten Powers and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer joined Bret Baier to discuss the latest.

Hayes called the change “a problem for the rule of law in the country,” saying that individuals and businesses won’t know how to implement the law if it changes from week to week.

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Powers said that she is sick of defending the president, who has incompetently put the law together.

Krauthammer noted that small businesses have had four years to prepare for the law. “Adding another year doesn’t change anything, it doesn’t make it any easier … it’s simply a way to make sure that it is postponed long enough so it has less impact on Democrats in this election and in coming elections,” he said.

Watch the full panel discussion above.