Jesse Watters headed to Washington, D.C. to track down Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who told Bill O’Reilly she would do an interview with him.

Pelosi told Watters that her agreement to go on the show was “open-ended” and said, “One of these days, maybe I will.” But she continued, “I was not pleased with the disrespect he showed to the president, so that wasn’t like a warmer-upper.”

Bill O’Reilly: Rep. Nancy Pelosi ‘Reneging’ on Interview Agreement

“Nancy, tell Bill to his face what you say about him behind closed doors,” South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said. “He can take it.”

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio said he thinks Pelosi should do the interview because O’Reilly gives both sides a hard time.

Hear more of what the nation’s lawmakers had to say in the clip above!