On America's Newsroom this morning we got a look at a very cool, and now viral, moment involving some high school choir performers. A hotel guest in Louisville recorded the Kentucky All-State Choir singing the national anthem on their hotel room balconies.

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The video on YouTube has garnered more than a million views in less than a week. The sound of the anthem cascading down the 18 floors from the indoor balconies is truly something to behold.

Bill Hemmer talked to two of the performers, Blake Taylor and Caroline Clements, this morning. The performance is actually a tradition, but it wasn't really planned out. The students just got a quick cue from the lobby and away they went.

"Just being part of that experience was more amazing than it sounds," Taylor said.

Clements said it was something she'll never forget.

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Watch the stirring performance above, and the interview in the clip below: