Two Texas gubernatorial candidates have been sparring on Twitter.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott compared corruption in south Texas to a third-world country.

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In response, state Sen. Wendy Davis tweeted, “Greg Abbott’s comparison of South Texas to a third world country is not only untrue, it also hurts our state.” She then tweeted, “I join @monitornews in calling for Greg Abbott to apologize for his offensive comments about South Texas.”

Abbott immediately fired back: “@byjayroot wait till you see my response to her Monitor piece. It will show how clueless she is about the RGV.”

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Abbott went 'On The Record' tonight to discuss the situation. He said he wants to do whatever he can to make Texas a safer place. “One of the things that we must do is to ensure some acts of corruption are rooted out and eliminated, and I will never back down and put my head in the sand and pretend as though the problem doesn’t exist because I have prosecuted public corruption across the state of Texas, and, as governor, I will ensure that we eliminate this problem, as opposed to some other people, who seem to wanna put their head in the sand about dealing with these challenges.”

The attorney general discussed his plans for Texas versus his opponent’s plans. Hear more about them in the clip above.