The Republican Party is divided after House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) decided not to go forward with immigration reform.

On Fox News Sunday, a fiery debate erupted between Laura Ingraham and Fox News contributor George Will.

Will charged that Ingraham was making the same argument as the labor unions when she said, “Can we care about American workers at all, and their jobs and their wages and their dreams?”

Today on The Real Story, Ingraham said, “I have a daughter who happens to be Latina, so I mean, I love the Hispanic people, but this is about the rule of law for everybody, including Hispanics. That emotional argument about grandmas being sent home or mom and dad can’t be deported – this is not a victimless crime in the United States.”

She continued, “We have people who are having their lives affected every day negatively by an onslaught of people who came in here and violated our laws.”