Judge Andrew Napolitano was on 'The Kelly File' tonight to discuss changes the president made over the last few days.

President Barack Obama has unilaterally changed the law to allow immigrants with limited terror contacts into the country. Napolitano said his decision to “rework the law” will affect national security, the FBI and the CIA.

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“If the Congress of the United States had written the laws that limit the entry of terrorists into the United States that way, there’s an argument in favor of it and there’s an argument against it,” he said. “But the Congress didn’t write the laws that way. The Congress forbade from permitting to come into the United States anyone who has aided a terrorist or a terrorist organization, voluntarily or involuntarily.”

Napolitano continued, “But to this president, if he disagrees with the law, he can change it on his own … it seems to be getting worse and worse.”

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Today Obama announced that he is delaying until 2016 part of the ObamaCare mandate that requires employers to insure their employees.

“His job is to enforce the law faithfully, meaning as it was written, not as he would like it to be,” Napolitano said.

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“All of this comes down to a president who believes he is majestic … who believes that he has a certain ability far beyond what the Constitution has given him,” he said.