Actor Shia LaBeouf is raising eyebrows after a week of strange behavior. First, he stormed out of a press conference for his new movie after giving a bizarre answer.

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Then, he showed up on a red carpet with a brown paper bag over his head with the words, “I am not famous anymore,” written on it.

In the Fox Light’s Michael Tammero weighed in on the actor’s odd antics. “This started, really, a year ago when he was slated to costar with Alec Baldwin on Broadway. He was bounced from the show. Baldwin had said the kid has an attitude problem. Now, when Alec Baldwin says you have an attitude problem, there’s an issue.”

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In a recent movie with Brad Pitt, LaBeouf pulled his own tooth out and didn’t shower for weeks. "He gets into these competitions with his fellow actors to see who can be the better method actor," Tammero said.

In the past year, LaBeouf has gotten into a couple of bar brawls, but Tammero said there doesn’t appear to be any drug abuse.

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