Should President Barack Obama launch a drone strike against a U.S. citizen overseas who is a member of Al Qaeda?

Officials have told the press that the American terror suspect is planning attacks on other U.S. citizens overseas.

U.S. Deciding on Drone Strikes Against American Terror Suspect

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani weighed in on tonight’s ‘On The Record.’ He said that the administration should be concerned that American officials are leaking this story because he said it is a serious breach of national security.

“A lot of the ways in which they can protect us have already been compromised by the fact that this has been leaked,” he said.

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Giuliani also said that Congress passed a resolution after Sept. 11 to give the president authority to launch a drone strike against a U.S. citizen if the person is a member of Al Qaeda and if he or she poses an imminent threat to the nation.

The former mayor said that this should be handled quietly and discretely, not debated in the press.

“By leaking it to the press, you’ve just warned him that he’s gonna be attacked. I mean, that’s gotta be about as stupid as you can get, right?”

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