“There’s something about being an American, a sense of pride, confidence, the wind always at your back, even when you’re in a foreign country,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her Opening Statement. “Kind of like a guardian angel watching over you or the cavalry riding in to protect you. At least, that’s the narrative I grew up with.”

But this week, Pirro said President Barack Obama stumbled off script.

Judge Jeanine on the Truth and Consequences of the Benghazi Conspiracy

This week, Obama said he did everything he could to protect Americans in Benghazi, but Pirro wants to know why Obama can’t answer the question of whether or not it was terrorism and when the administration knew.

Obama told Bill O’Reilly that we must implement the reforms recommended by an independent agency.

Judge Jeanine: President Obama is ‘the Master of Contradiction’

“What’s that? You’re looking to implement reforms? They’re already there, it’s just that you don’t follow them,” she said of the president.  “And an independent agency, you say? Since when, since when does the accused appoint her own judge who then doesn’t investigate or even question her?”

Pirro commented on how Obama says he is a man of his word who the American people should believe.

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“It turns out the only transparency in your administration is how clearly you subvert the truth for your own political gain.”

“Like I said, there’s something about being an American, a sense of pride, a sense of security. It’s time we got back to that narrative… 2016 can’t come soon enough.”

Watch Pirro’s full Opening Statement above.