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First, it's a little known story with riveting pictures from the frontlines of a humanitarian crisis.  How is the most stable region in Iraq helping refugees from Syria’s civil war?  Greta Van Susteren and a Fox News team travel to Kurdistan with Reverend Franklin Graham’s  Samaritan’s Purse to witness how the American charity is getting help to people who need it the most.

Also, Claudia Cowan investigates what has become known as “The Bystander Syndrome” on the 50th anniversary of the murder of Kitty Genovese.  Did 38 people in a New York neighborhood watch a woman die and do little to help?  Or did the press exaggerate?

With an escalation in threats by rogue nations which include North Korea and Iran, Griff Jenkins gets rare access inside America’s defenses at Fort Greely, Alaska.  You will see how operations of the 49th Missile Defense Battalion defend using our “shield in the sky.”

Check out a behind-the-scenes slideshow of Greta's trip and check out a sneak peek clip above! Then, tune in to Fox Files, airing this Sunday at 9p ET to Fox News Channel.

Asos Najeeb Abdullah, Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government. Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Franklin Graham and Pamela Browne.

Greta Van Susteren, Franklin Graham, and President Barzani

Inside the refugee camp at Kawergosk, Iraq, just outside Erbil.

Leaving after Greta Van Susteren's and Franklin Graham's meeting with President Barzani. 

Leaving Erbil on a wild ride heading towards Chamchamal, Iraq.

Old and young struggle to survive.

View inside Syrian refugee camp.

The flags of Kurdistan fly in tribute to those killed by Saddam Hussein.

View of downtown bustling Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq.