Do you remember this iconic TV commercial below? If you grew up in the 60s, you probably do. Well, tune in to Fox and Friends Friday morning at approximately 8:20a ET as we meet the ad industry pioneer who came up with it (and many others).

Plus, check out more from Harris Faulkner, who gave us an exclusive preview of her must-see interview with Roy Eaton. 

Our producer, Brad Newman, has done it again… captured me in the worst weather, in need of makeup with a hat on!  Yup, it must be time to hit the road for our annual February series, LOL.

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Indeed, it’s back! For Black History Month, the Ailes Apprentice Program presents a look at stories in the African American Community which open our eyes about some of the people among us who inspire, teach, love and reveal how they reached for the stars. They are an example of our shared history as a nation, bringing together people of all backgrounds to celebrate our greatest accomplishments.

Our first stop this month takes us to Roosevelt Island, New York. We popped by the home of Roy Eaton. You may not recognize his name. Honestly, I didn’t right away. But, so many of us are familiar with what he’s accomplished.

His legacy is those little commercial jingles we can’t get out of our heads. Americans have heard the proceeds of Eaton’s musical work for decades. He’s retired now, well sort of.  He’s still writing and creating music for projects here and there. A dad, husband and staunch lover of all things New York City, Roy Eaton insisted I see the sights. 

So we ventured outdoors for a jaunt along the East River on one of the rawest days at the start of what has been, as you likely know, a bitter winter in the Northeast. And, this guy’s a talker! But, there’s a lot to say. He was the very first African American in advertising on Madison Avenue. The business was cutthroat, cliquish with all sorts of drama surrounding the competition among the top employees at the agencies.

They pushed against anyone who was different for any reason, especially race. It was like the old days portrayed on the hit TV Show "Mad Men."

Eaton broke down barriers and came up with the one of the hottest sing-alongs in TV commercials ever. From there, Eaton’s career and history were made. But, there were some tough times. Even the upper crust of Madison Ave. was not immune to the growing pains of equality in the 1960’s. Roy’s memories are at times jarring and remind us all of where our nation has been, how far we’ve come and what we can do when we work together. 

Don’t miss this story, Friday at approximately 8:20a ET on Fox and Friends, then check back on Insider for more behind-the-scenes footage of Roy and I. He couldn’t resist schooling me on how to come up with a jingle. And, oh my gosh, he got me to crack a note with my fingers and voice at his piano. I’ll share the bonus video of us crowing a ditty. Dogs cover your ears!

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