The New York Giants and quarterback Eli Manning plan on fighting a major lawsuit, Manning says.

Sports memorabilia collectors claim some of the NFL merchandise passed off as the real thing worn during games is fake.

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A man from Long Island, who wished to remain anonymous, shared on The Real Story what he says is a fake Manning helmet.

The helmet is signed and has scratches on it. The man said he looked through thousands of photos to try and match the scratches on the helmet, but couldn’t find any.

He called the helmet a $4,300 dollar paper weight. “I feel betrayed. […] I love my team. I hope it comes down to it that Eli’s not responsible for it.”

In a statement, Manning said, “The Giants told me this suit is completely without merit and I have no reason to believe otherwise. The Giants are going to fight it and so will I.”

Watch the ‘Real Story’ clip above to hear more from Geraldo Rivera.  Fan Files Lawsuit Over NFL's Super Bowl Ticket Policy

Fan Files Lawsuit Over NFL's Super Bowl Ticket Policy