This extremely life-like statue has caused quite a backlash on the campus of Wellesley College in Massachusetts.

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The sculpture of a man in his underwear sleepwalking across the all-female school's campus prompted a petition of more than 100 students asking for it to be removed.

The college responded by saying the intent was to generate discussion among students. The statue was displayed as part of an art exhibit.

This was the final topic on Red Eye this morning with Greg Gutfeld, The Five co-host Andrea Tantaros, Andy Levy, Joanne Nosuchinsky, and Tom Shillue.

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Greg asked Andy if we should just do away with museums entirely.

"If it's making some students feel uncomfortable it should be removed. I believe art should always sit squarely in people's comfort zone. And by people, I mean all people. If even one person is offended, then the artist has failed," he joked.

Watch the full segment above as the panel agrees that "underwear man" looks strikingly like a famous comedian who's been on the show before.