Check out an inspiring story brought to us this morning by Steve Doocy, who sat down with a special family from Kansas. 

Boy Helps Younger Brother With Cerebral Palsy Compete in Triathlons

Ten-year-old Lindsay Cochran suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and is in a wheelchair, but she has formed an incredible bond with her big brother, Trenton.

A heartwarming video (below) was made about the family by their church as part of a series about overcoming obstacles.

"He's very nice and caring. He takes care of me a lot. When I'm sick and I ask him to bring me my stuffed animals, he'll bring them to me. He's just a really good brother," Lindsay said, adding "it's just easier going through life with Trenton."

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Trenton explained that what inspires him is that Lindsay doesn't see her disability as a bad thing, and is just a "normal person." He said it's important for him to make sure his sister isn't picked on and is just treated like a normal kid.

Their mom, Tracy Cochran, explained that the family has been through a lot, including her breast cancer.

"These kids have seen more than most kids their age. I think when you face hardships like that, it brings you together and they see the value of life and how fragile it is, and value each other's company," said Tracy.

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Check out the interview above and watch the Cochrans' heartwarming video below.